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Hire For Events

Our dinosaurs can be hired for a variety of different events.
Small private events, Large public events, Educational school visits and even TV & Film sets.

Safety & Risk Management

At any event, "safe working areas" may be established by our staff to allow for set-up and preparation for the event.

Our operators are fully trained in controlling and manoeuvring the dinosaur frames and costumes, and our "Dinosaur Trainers" will guide the dinosaurs around the area to ensure safety.

A Risk Assessment will be made for all events.

Space & Size

Our Dinosaurs range in height, length and width up to 7 metres long, up to 3 metres high and up to 2 meters wide, please ensure you have the required space before booking.

Our dinosaurs need a fairly flat surface to walk around on, small gradients will be ok but they are unable to walk up or down stairs. 

Please Note

Availability of dinosaurs is subject to tour schedule. Sometimes alternative dates or different dinosaurs may be offered but this cannot be guaranteed.

Select what you would like to hire

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Baby Dinsaurs
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